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Ooi! Tonbo Episode 10 Subtitle Indonesia

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Download Ooi! Tonbo Episode 10 Subtitle Indonesia, Nonton Ooi! Tonbo Episode 10 Subtitle Indonesia, jangan lupa mengklik tombol like dan share ya. Anime Ooi! Tonbo selalu update di AnoBoy. Jangan lupa nonton update anime lainnya ya.

Ooi! Tonbo

Rating 0.0
Status: Ongoing Studio: Dirilis: Apr 06, 2024 Season: Tipe: TV Director:
Tonbo Ooi, the protagonist, lost both of her parents in a car accident when she was young and was raised by her grandfather, Gonji Ooi, a fisherman on the island of Kagoshima in the Tokara Islands. Tonbo learns to play golf while using her father's inherited No. 3 iron on the island's three golf courses, which were built by the islanders themselves. The story begins with Tonbo meeting Kazuyoshi Igarashi, a former professional golfer who has come to Kagoshima in search of work. (Source: MAL News)